A Stitch in Time Which Saved Nine for Me!


I have been a truck driver for fifteen years and I truly love my work as it offers me flexibility. I am able to know precisely what my schedule is every day, the area I will be working in and I am provided with a plan of hours I will work each week.

I hate being away from my family, but they all understand I need to work to provide for them. There are many challenges when one is involved in this kind of work. The most common is forgetting my kids’ birthdays, graduations and important events in my loved ones’ lives. Not to mention my wedding anniversaries!

It really tugs at my heart to disappoint my family on such occasions but I make up for it when I go back home.

However, the other day I was really stressed as I forgot something even more important…

The Phone Call

As I am always behind the wheel driving, most of the time I am the one who calls my wife and kids. So this time when my wife called, I was taken aback and got a bit anxious, wondering whether there was something wrong. I pulled by the roadside and picked the call.

My dear wife assured me that everyone was fine but she wanted to remind me about submitting tax returns for that month! I broke out in a cold sweat! This had seriously escaped my mind! She told me that I was actually one week behind in making tax declarations and I needed to do something fast.

With false bravado, I assured her that I would sort it out as soon as possible.


Where do I go From Here?

A colleague I was with asked me whether there was anything wrong as he noticed I looked worried. I explained to him what the problem was and he assured me there was a way out.

He suggested looking for a cheap accountant, in danish called “billig revisor“, to handle my case. I told him I had no idea where to get one. My colleague suggested browsing the internet at the next stop we came to, which is what we did. I appreciated my laptop more, which is always at my side! It proved very handy. We browsed ‘cheap accountants’ in my home area and just chose one whose credentials appeared good.

I noted his phone number and called him. I explained that I needed assistance as I was late in declaring tax. He assured me he would handle this with no problem. I gave him my wife’s contacts so she would sign the necessary paperwork on my behalf and he promised to revert. We discussed his fee and it was extremely reasonable.

Problem Solved!

In around an hour, the accountant called me and told me he had obtained whatever he required and would work on the issue immediately. I thanked him profusely and felt like a load had literally been taken from my back!

By the end of the day, the accountant had submitted the necessary payment to cater for tax on my behalf and I was not in the red anymore. He called with this news and I could not believe how fast this problem had been resolved and I was very grateful.

I learnt that cheap accountants do not mean service which is poor or inferior.

My Personal Resolution

Being a seasoned driver, I am used to the strange things you encounter on the road.  This one had me running scared, though! I promised myself that next year I will need a watch to keep track of time!