Best lunch and restaurants in Nyhavn, Copenhagen

Nyhavn, a pleasant sight at Copenhagen well known for its credible restaurants serving tasty international and Danish cuisine are lined along the canal side. The restaurants are open for the tourists as well as for local people. The food can be enjoyed outside in the sunny weather and also indoor in a cozy atmosphere with a little music to lighten up your mood and to brighten up your day. Some of our restaurants are mentioned below that serve deliciously amazing lunch, which can make your day a perfect one.


Barock, the first building on the Nyhavn canal, uniquely decorated in the style of Louis XVI serves the best lunch in Nyhavn with the fantastic view from the terrace and the beautiful courtyard. The restaurant serves both the international and Danish cuisines. The lunch is a combination of several refreshing, mouth-watering dishes including lunch platter and fish plate consisting of a variety of foods. Other light lunch offerings include different sandwiches, herrings, cheeseburgers, shrimp, salmon, lobster, mussel, and fries. Salad is also one of the specialty.

Nyhavn 37

One of the best restaurants in Nyhavn and with a really cozy, relaxing atmosphere, Nyhavn 37 is located in the heart of the Nyhavn canal. The restaurant’s interior is fascinatingly stylish decorated by a flower artist Tage Andersen giving it a beautiful look in the inside of the restaurant. Several flavors of pizza include smoked salmon, chili pepperoni, ham, mushroom, etc. are available on the lunch menu. Special fish plate and lunch platter with a variety of food with open sandwiches make them delightful. Other seafood, different open sandwiches, light dishes for lunch makes the lunch menu deliciously awesome. Separate dishes for kids are also available in lunch.


Skipperkroen- The leading restaurant for more than 20 years famous for its lunch which serves dishes from both international and Danish cuisine. This lunch includes a large variety of seafood and Danish smorrebrod made in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark. Special fish plate and lunch platter with open sandwiches make a delightful lunchtime. Several light lunch dishes include special Skipperkroen shrimp plate, herring platter that serves 3 different delicious herrings, smoked salmon, lunch steaks, pasta, chips, lobster, and mussel with different dressings. Mouth-watering desserts contain Skipperkroen ice-cream, waffles, etc.

Ved Kajen

A beautiful, small, cozy restaurant with wonderful outlook and inner view creating a relaxing atmosphere. The terrace of the restaurant gives a soothing canal view with a classic lunch menu. The restaurant offers a nice precise menu of lunch dishes containing special lunch and fish platter with an open sandwich served with some side dishes. Other lunch dishes include herring platter, sandwiches, cheeseburger, special Ved Kajen shrimp platter, avocado toast, lobster soup, fish, chips, and salad.

Guldmagerns Hus

Guldmagerns Hus was named after alchemist and copper Henrik Ehm and is located at the end of the Nyhavn canal. The view of the restaurant is beautiful creating a soothing atmosphere. Danish-French menu is available in the restaurant.  The lunch menu offered at the restaurant is delightful that comprises different open sandwiches, cheeseburger, lobsters, shrimp, etc.