Delivering Jewelry on Time for Her Special Day!


As a present, jewelry has at all times been a customary favorite for ladies. Women adore wearing jewelry and the larger the quantity they own, the better!

When you are purchasing a present of jewelry, it might assist to carry one which is already owned in order to compare length. In case it is impossible, one option is to select a princess length necklace which is 17 to 19 inches long. This is a wonderful selection in case you are not sure of the most suitable strand length.

Another element to think of prior to purchasing jewelry is whether she has a preference of gold or silver-toned pieces. Sterling silver jewelry is very durable and affordable as well.

In case you are a trucker who wants to deliver jewelry to your wife or girlfriend for her birthday or your anniversary while on the road, how does this work?

If you are in America, Win Van Lines is a moving company that provides the most ideal transport services, ensuring your jewelry present is delivered on time to avoid disappointing your lady!

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One Tracker’s Hilarious Story!

David is a trucker who has been on the road for the last 10 years. He gives an account of his life on the road; ‘I have always loved travelling and when I landed my dream job 10 years ago, I leapt at the chance!’

‘However, everything has its downside to it and one of the negative aspects I experience while on the road is remembering when it’s almost too late that it’s my beloved wife’s birthday…or worse still, our anniversary!’

‘My fellow men will agree with me that nothing transports them faster to ‘the dog house’ than forgetting their woman’s treasured day!’ It is doubly worse for me as in the first place I might not be available on the special day. However, matters REALLY take a turn for the worse if on top of this I dare forget to send a present.’

‘My beloved wife has a passion for jewelry and just can’t have enough of them. Therefore, after disappointing her once too often, I have discovered that engaging a transport company to deliver her favorite piece of jewelry will certainly make up for my absence!’


Fast and Efficient Service!

‘Thanks to technology, I am now able to go online during one of my many stops on the road and search for the transport company nearest my locality. I do not have to go to a ‘brick and mortar’ establishment to choose my preferred gift!’

‘I simply go through their various options of jewelry such as this Goldsmith in Copenhagen, in danish called “guldsmed københavn” and search for what I am looking for, since Copenhagen is renowned for custom jewelry. My wife has a penchant for white gold and I am able to access a wide selection.’

‘After making a choice, I contact the firm, giving details of my choice and after settling payment for the piece of jewelry, the firm uses the details I provide on home address and ensure that a timely delivery is made.’


I can now anticipate a very warm welcome from my wife on returning home!