Experience the 528 HZ Love Frequency

All the things in the universe present an energy vibration. Everything consists of energy that vibrates. However, not all vibrations have a good
effect on us, and some vibrations of sound can make us stressed and tired. Others, such as 528Hz, can promote healing and the wonderful experience of love, as well as association with the Divine.


What is the 528 HZ Love Frequency?

Dr. Leonard Horowitz is the first one to introduce the idea that 528Hz describes the frequency at the center of ‘creation’s musical,
mathematical matrix.’ This statement is indeed powerful! He described 528 Hz as the love frequency as 528Hz surpasses any
other sound or frequency and is present in the core of everything. The love frequency links everything such as your heart to different hearts, your spiritual soul to a higher power and each of the cosmic forces, which propel the universe.


The 528Hz Power

The love frequency is very powerful and is thought to have the capability of repairing damage caused to DNA and even promote balance in the surrounding. It is the ultimate description of positive vibrations! Nikola Tesla, a physicist of the nineteenth century, carried out a study on energy frequencies nature and deduced that by getting rid of specific frequencies, which interfered with the natural operation of our bodies, we would be likely to decrease the occurrence of illness. It is wise to note which frequencies fuel healing and the ones that decrease your healing ability and affect your mood negatively.

The Solfeggio Frequencies
The 528 Hz Love Frequency presents one of the six-tone called the Solfeggio Frequencies. There is a belief that the Solfeggio Frequencies
scale has remarkable ancient roots; however, a Benedictine monk officially set it up in the 10th century. When these specific tones are sung in harmony, they can raise people’s energy as well as objects near them. Every solfeggio tone resounds at a frequency that is needed by your body to maintain balance. These six tones sustain your harmony. The six tones work to retain your harmony.

Below are the main tones

  • 936Hz- it will re-link you to the maximum light and energy of the
  • 852Hz –Assists you to recognize truth and foster intuition.
  • 741Hz – Works as a robust and energetic cleanser that can also
    help in solving problems and in self-expression.
  • 528Hz- Invites love, restores DNA and can make miracles happen.
  • 417Hz – Enhances your ability to handle changes, gets rid of old
    patterns and habits.
  • 396Hz- Eliminates fear and guilt to help you realize all your

Access Scientific Proof

Since researchers made their discovery in olden times, they have established that their love frequency is genuinely the Solfeggio scales
miracle note. In 2010 a research was carried out in Vancouver. Here, 528Hz was utilized for the purification of water from the Gulf of Mexico following the substantial BP oil spill! The love frequency and other healing frequencies were used to diminish the oil and grease pollution in the water samples, and it was a success. They proceeded to find out that they could clear an area of about one mile with only a session of 24 hours. Actually a special tool called The Lovetuner necklace with 528 hz whistle, has been created as a sound healing meditation tool for the spirited people. Although the scientists who study these frequencies can attest that our comprehension of ‘why’ is not well defined, what is certain is that 528Hz has a helpful and healing impact on the physical world.