Offshore services and transport

Another type of transport is the shipping area, its same lifestyle as truckers but within Offshore supply vessels entail cargo vessels which normally deal in transport of goods, equipment or supplies. This is in support of production or exploration of energy resources or offshore mineral.

Often, ship-owners operate offshore supply vessels; this might either be firms set up especially to possess such vessels and operate them or firms that merge with other vessel operations such as shipping, salvage, etc.

These offshore supply vessels are specifically formed to transport personnel and goods to offshore oil platform which works deep in the oceans. The magnitude of these vessels varies between 20m and 100 m.

They are great at accomplishing a huge variety of work in the supply chain. The group may have offshore barges, Platform Supply Vessels or PSV and all kinds of specialty vessels like Drilling Vessels, Ice Breaking Vessels, Well Intervention Vessels, Seismic Vessels, Cable Laying Vessels and Fire Fighting Vessels.


Mission & Design Restrictions

The main objective of providing support to exploration of offshore oil and gas as well as production can be split depending on particular mission requirements.  In addition, vessels might be involved in more than one type of particular mission like these.

Similar to every other category for design, optimizing depending on priority is carried out in the design procedure as well as adhering to the safety needs.

These particular missions are inclusive of:

  • Seismic survey in order to find regions that produce gas.
  • Towing of platforms and rigs to their area, placing them and laying equipments for mooring and anchoring.
  • Distributing platforms and rigs with essential equipment, personnel, stores, supplies, etc.
  • Subsea operations such as ROV operation, diving support, assessment and maintenance
  • Security standby

Kinds of Offshore Supply Vessels

There are divisions of offshore vessels. These are:

Platform Supply Vessels

These kinds of vessels are utilized to transport supplies to oil platform and rigs as well as take other cargoes back to shore. The supplies are inclusive of fresh water, fuel, consumables, stores, equipments and supplies for oil platforms operations as well as for personnel onboard.

These vessels’ design and build is determined by the working surrounding. This is climatic conditions and range from the shore; therefore, design varies according to area.

Supply vessels that are Multi-purpose

They are the same as Platform Supply Vessels; however, they are fixed with extra systems such as for subsea analysis, repair and maintenance.

Anchor Handling Vessels

They are fitted and accustomed to towing as well as anchor handling.

Others are crew boats, seismic vessels, combination vessels, safety or standby vessel as well and offshore vessels systems

Special Systems

  • Service for Subsea Intervention
  • ROV procedures
  • Deepwater accuracy lifting and implementation
  • Shifting cement, pipes, equipment and liquid cargo from pipe lay vessels as well as drilling ships and platforms
  • Systems for oil recovery
  • FIFI systems
  • Methanol injection
  • Stimulation of oil well
  • Helicopter operations
  • Module replacement processes based on Guidewire or Moonpool
  • Ground works – sustenance of SBM buoys and floating hoses