My Experience at Marlies Dekkers Lingerie Shop!


The other day, I was forced to visit a lingerie shop to buy a present for my girlfriend Carol. This was to make up for forgetting her birthday once again, during one of my trips, as I work for a moving company.

My colleague Ben gave me this great idea, when I consulted him on what I should buy for my loved one, to get back into her good books! Ben emphasized to me that lingerie is important to a woman as it portrays intention, when presented as a present by her man.

If a woman is dressed in something lovely underneath her attire, she sends a very strong message to herself as well as the world. When she undresses, her man sees a picture of confidence and mystery.

This explanation galvanized me into action and I did not need any more convincing. I was ready to enter the next lingerie shop I came across! To maintain the element of surprise, I had to visit the shop alone and buy her a wonderful gift.

Selecting an Appropriate Garment

The minute I ventured inside the Marlies Dekkers lingerie shop, I felt like fish out of water! Being male, with no purpose of dressing in women’s innerwear, I felt awkward.


The last time I went shopping with Carol, a saleslady had approached me, enquiring whether I required a bag for the fistful of underwear I held in my arms, waiting for Carol to try on a bra in the fitting area!

Clearly, this was a way of informing me that I was scaring everyone, holding numerous panties outside the fitting room! So this time I was on my toes, determined not to raise any alarm.

I approached a friendly attendant and gave her the specifications. I was armed with all the details of ‘cup size’ and so on. All I required was to give the color I wanted.

Carol had a passion for color purple and I requested for this. I made a huge effort to appear like I shopped for lingerie everyday! Deep inside, I had an overwhelming urge to take to my heels as I felt like I was the center of attention, being the only male in a women’ lingerie shop!

The attendant seemed to take ages and I impatiently tapped my fingers on the counter, counting what seemed to me like hours. Finally, she brought an assortment of beautiful purple bras with matching lace panties.

She encouraged me to buy the panty as well, so as to match the bra and I thought it was a great idea. I was a bit lost, trying to make a decision as all of them appeared so beautiful!

However, whether I was in the ‘dog house’ or not, I was just going to buy one set! I settled for a lovely set and had it gift wrapped attractively. I then hastily made my exit, with my purchase held firmly under my arm.


I could not wait to deliver the present to Carol and restore peace!